Our Rates

Bella Bambino Nannies charges a one time finder’s fee when you decide to hire a nanny that was referred to you through us. This finder’s fee is equal to 12-20% of the nanny or other domestic employee’s negotiated annual pay and includes a nanny background check and a replacement guarantee on the nanny you choose to employ. You will pay your nanny directly an hourly rate or salary that is agreed on by both parties at the time of hire.  See below for a detailed explanation of rates and programs available.

– Fees are based on candidates annual salary, with a minimum of 2500.

Full Time & Part Time (Live Out) Nannies:
– 12% Part Time and Full Time with a 90 day replacement policy
– 15% Part and Full time with a 180 day replacement policy
– 20% Part Time and Full time with a one year replacement policy, also reserved for more challenging searches and out of Southern California.

Live-In Nannies: 15% with a 90 day replacement policy

– Annual candidate salaries are determined by how many hours the nanny works and how much the nanny makes hourly. This is based on a fifty-two week contract, as we ask for a one-year commitment. Nannies through Bella Bambino Nannies will make anywhere from $18. – $25. per hour. We require a minimum of 20 hours a week.

There is an application fee of $250 which is due in order to begin your search for a part time, full time or live in nanny.  Each Part Time, Full Time and Live in placement comes with a free babysitting membership and a replacement guarantee of 90-360 days depending on the program you choose.